Our company provides the following services to its customers:

  Engineering measurement while drilling wells of any destinations and any complexity using own equipment with electromagnetic and hydraulic communication channel with gamma-ray and resistivity module from wellhead to bottom of a well.

Our company provides engineering project work for every well and we always coordinate our work with geological and process departments of our Client. There are a work types we provides:

  • To calculate the optimal trajectory well bore comply with geological and technical conditions.

  • To identify the safety position of a well bore to avoid chance of contact between boreholes.

  • To provide hydraulic simulation of bottom-hole assembly to clean hole-bore and bit hydraulic system.

  • To calculate torque value for every elements of drill-string.

  • To design the optimal allocation of jars in drill-string.

  • To calculate expected technical specifications of bottom-hole assembly.

  • Database maintenance, sampling

  • Engineering services.

We carry out an inspection of downhole drilling motor, Jars and drill bits in view the following working parameters such as pressure on the bit, mud pump pressure, displacement, pressure of back off and make up by taking into account the pipe bend, in addition to the above provides necessary daily drilling progress.