NEDRA-M is committed to the preservation of the environment for future generations is suitable for a comfortable life. To this end, the work the company uses materials that meet the necessary environmental safety classes, and their activity tends to minimize damage to the environment by recycling industrial waste cycle.

Our company regularly carries out work to improve the professional skills of workers in the field of environmental protection. Increased energy-efficiency is ensured by all necessary means to prevent and eliminate pollution of the incidents on the environment.

Monitoring and continuous improvement of the quality requirements of industrial safety and health of workers and environmental protection; ·
Reducing the anthropogenic impact on the environment through the use of low and non-waste technologies and the economical use of natural resources;
Preventive work on the prevention of the negative impact of building on the environment and reduce the risks of accidents. The company carries out its activities in accordance with the modern environmental requirements and standards, and it has the following regulatory documents:

Draft standards for waste;
Passport of hazardous wastes;
The procedure for production control in the field of waste production;
Draft standards for maximum permissible emissions into the atmosphere;
Keeping environmental reporting. In order to reduce the negative impact of production processes on the natural environment specialists developed and approved environmental activities: · For the management and reduction of waste water volume used water reuse; · To protect soil provides waterproofing of sludge pits, fuel storage facilities and chemical reagents; Movement of vehicles organized by the retracted and agreed routes.
Security in all areas of industrial activity is the main objective of the enterprise.

Maximum risk reduction, prevention of injuries and accidents Workers drilling. on industrial safety, labor protection shall be in accordance with the Federal Law “On industrial safety of dangerous objects’ (Federal Law № 116 of 21.07.1997, the Labour Code adopted 21.12.2001) and other regulations. According to the requirements of these documents all the specialists have been trained and certified for industrial safety managers certified