About our company

«Nedra-M» company provides services of engineering MWD in a horizontal and directional hole for recovering oil and gas using aWireless MWD system with electromagnetic and hydraulic communication channel.

The company has 10 years great experience of successful cooperation with the leading oil, gas and drilling companies and Russia Federation: Lukoil and Rosneft in the Volga-Urals and West Siberian regions. More than 1000 horizontal, directional and depression wells were drilled without serious accidents or incidents. Our company is proud of strong performance in a labor safety field, safety technology and environment.

Engineering staff is carefully selected, trained and during the operation they use reliable and modern telemetry system with hydraulic and electromagnetic communication channel in the support of well drilling, which are based on the measurement technology in real-time (MWD – Measurement While Drilling) to determine the trajectories of the wells and their positions in three-dimensional space.Measurement while drilling is used to determine the true vertical depth of the well, well-bottom position and underground orientation of system of the directional drilling wells.

We are working with manufacturers and research institutions to update and improve the manufacturing products for achieving accident-free and fail-safe work to minimize costs and term of well construction. The successful experience of information technology support during the construction of all well types allowed our company – «Nedra-M» to gain a reputation as a reliable partner in the drilling services market.

“NEDRA-M” Limited Liability Company

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